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  • Nov. 14-15: The Teaching and Learning with GenAI Symposium

    The Teaching and Learning with Generative AI Symposium is taking place on November 14 & 15. Generative AI is rapidly transforming the teaching and learning domain, being utilized by both students and faculty in their courses. In this symposium, you will hear from faculty, students, and staff at UBC about the significance of generative AI…

  • Approaches to Prompting (30+30)

    Join this 30+30 session at UBC to delve into effective prompting techniques for generative AI within the context of higher education. The first half of the session, a 30-minute interactive presentation, is dedicated to learning about various prompting approaches, specifically tailored to teaching and learning. Insights, recent research strategies, and best practices will be shared,…

  • Weekly Wednesday drop-ins 1-2pm

    The Generative AI Drop-In clinics are open for all faculty and staff at UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan on teaching and learning topics related to the use of tools such as ChatGPT, Stability AI, Google Bard and others. Register for the clinic The sessions will be in an open-hours format, where the questions will be…

  • Enhancing Student Learning and GenAI (30+30)

    In this focused 30+30 online session at UBC, we will explore the ways Generative AI (GenAI) can be used by learners to enhance both their learning skills and their learning experiences in general. The session will commence with a 30-minute interactive exploration, concentrating on how GenAI can provide students with tools to refine their learning…

UBC Community Events

Non-UBC Events

  • Oct 24 @9am HESA’s AI Roundtable – Student perspectives

    During this session, a panel of students from across the country, representing a wide range of perspectives, will share their opinions on GenAI in higher education. The panel will be facilitated by our team at Higher Education Strategy Associates. We’ll share with you more information about our panelists in the upcoming weeks.

Session and Session Replays

  • Generative AI Symposium – Replay

    The Generative AI Symposium was hosted by the CTLT in collaboration with Faculty from Computer Science, and Arts on November 14th and 15th. This resource is an archive of the sessions recordings.

  • Generative AI and Assessment Design

    During Academic Integrity Week, we hosted a session on Generative AI and Assessment Design. The session explored the growing role of Generative AI in education, a technology that can craft content similar to human-generated work. To address academic integrity concerns, we emphasized the importance of creating assessments that focus on the learning process rather than…

  • Replay GenAI Issues and Challenges

    The 30+30 workshop explored the challenges and opportunities of using Generative AI in education. Participants discussed the major issues when implementing AI in classrooms, such as academic integrity, equity, and privacy concerns. Through brainstorming and interactive activities, attendees discussed potential solutions and best practices to ensure that AI supports student learning, maintains academic integrity, promotes…